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大家好,我是盘先生先生,下面是我们公司的介绍: 海口意美清洁设备有限公司是MICO美高公司在海南省地区的销售与服务网点,美高(MICO)系全球商用清洁产品及清洁方案的提供者,拥有超过20年中国市场服务的历史,为遍布国内的客户提供专业的产品及服务。 Our company is MICO US company in Hainan province sales and service outlets ,MICO is a global provider of commercial cleaning products and cleaning solutio, with over 20 yea service in the Chinese market, as custome around the country to provide professional products and services. 我们完整的服务及销售体系分布国内各地,全面满足客户的需求,不断为客户提供高品质的产品及增值的服务。 Our complete service and sales distribution system throughout the country, fully meet customer demand, continue to provide custome with high quality products and value-added services 为了更好地服务国内市场,我们在海南设立了..